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Volunteer Policy

Swimming is different from many other sports in that many volunteers are needed to run a successful swim meet. Because of this, the Willow Creek Wahoos REQUIRES EVERY FAMILY to volunteer their time to help at the meets. Each family is expected to work a minimum of 4 VOLUNTEER SHIFTS, each shift is worth 1 point . These can be worked at any of our 5 meets. Each individual job is worth 1 volunteer point.

  1. If your child is swimming in the meet it is required to volunteer even if you already reach your minimum of 4 volunteer shifts.
  2. Regardless of the number of meets your child swims, you are still responsible for your 4 volunteer shifts.
  3. Every family must work at least ONE EXTRA VOLUNTEER SHIFT AT PRE-LIMS and CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS per swimmer if your child is swimming those meets.
  4. Only if you hold one of these positions are you exempt from volunteering at the meets Announcer, Starter, Treasurer, Concessions Shopper, Meet Manager, Parent Reps, Volunteer Coordinator, Website Manager.
  5. Volunteer sign up email will be sent out on the Tuesday before the meet.
  6. Families will be permitted to sign up for two shifts during the same swim meet if needed to reach 4 volunteer shifts.
  7. Volunteers should check in at the volunteer check-in table on the morning of the swim meet between 7:15am and 7:45am. Please check off your name on the volunteer shift assignment schedule and claim your name tag.

Get Involved, Support Your Team & make new friends!

Note: RMSL is using the Swimmingly system for timing in 2020. Any volunteers for timing or stroke judging will need to download the Swimmingly and be familiar with its use prior to the first meet. More info to come!

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RMSL requests your permission to feature your child(ren) and his/her(their) accomplishments in the following way and without compensation.


I, the undersigned parent/guardian of the above swimmer(s) (herein Swimmer), in consideration of permission granted Swimmer by the Willow Creek 2 Wahoos Swim Team (herein Swim Team) to participate during the 2020 swim season, hereby give my consent and permission for Swimmer to participate in and attend all Swim Team and Rocky Mountain Swim League (herein League) activities. I understand that said participation is a voluntary activity and that, but for my execution of this Consent, Release and Indemnification Agreement, the Swimmer would not be allowed to participate.

I understand and agree that the Swim Team and League, its, servants, agents, officers, board members, employees, homeowners, volunteer workers, parent representatives, coaches, officials, swimmers and all others involved Swim Team and League activities do not assume any liability for loss or damage to any personal property owned by the Swimmer, by us or any other party, and we waive any claim against and release said Swim Team and League, its agents, servants and employees from or for any such loss or damage.

I also waive and release, to the full extent permitted by law, any claim against the Swim Team and League, including their servants, agents, officers, board members, employees, homeowners, volunteer workers, parent representatives, coaches, officials, swimmers and all others involved in Swim Team and League activities, from any claim, cause of action or demand I may have arising out of or in connection with any personal or bodily injury, death or property damage which the Swimmer may sustain while participating in Swim Team and/or League activities, and agree to indemnify, save and hold Swim Team and League, and those individuals identified above harmless from any claim, demand or cause of action of whatever nature or kind asserted by or on behalf of Swimmer for any personal or bodily injury, death or property damage sustained by the Swimmer while participating in any and all activities of Swim Team and League.

All agreements herein are severable, and should any provision be found unenforceable for any reason, all remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

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